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We construct your concrete projects with pride, integrity and with the long term in mind.

We know that a proper sub grade, concrete mix design, and finishing techniques are crucial for the longevity of your concrete project. That’s why every project big or small gets the same attention to detail. We have the experience and focus to create structures that last, have functionality, and work for your family’s and or personal needs.


We offer 6″x 6″ welded wire mesh and #4 rebar that can be installed in areas with softer soil or heavier traffic. We install concrete piers under projects to support the slab if necessary. Rebar dowels are also a great way to insure the stability of your project. We do whatever needs to be done to assure a solid structure.


We take pride in catering to our residential homeowners, making their dreams a reality. All of our work is custom, so no two projects are 100% alike. We treat every project as if we were building it for ourselves.

Whether you are looking for replacing your driveway or building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, Bright Construction Group has the experience, equipment and knowledge to accomplish your goals efficiently and on budget.


We offer 20 different patterns and styles for stamped concrete, 3 different mixes to choose from for exposed aggregate, over 50 options for colored concrete, tradition broom with border, and much more.

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When preparing land for construction in the Washington Metro area, it is vital that the excavation be done right. Excavating and grading the land is just as important as laying a building’s foundation correctly. We are a major provider of excavation services Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Our team of experts will ensure that any land clearing is performed according to the highest standards.

The following are important elements of excavation to which we pay special attention and that require a top quality approach.

The excavating process is never the same and they need to be aware of the use to which the land they are working on.

Sloping Land Usually Needs to Be Leveled.

Before construction begins, it is important in most cases to ensure that the land is level. In many cases, however, the ground on which the buildings are to be constructed has some degree of slope. From ground that is situated on the side of a hill to those that are on gently uneven land it’s important that the land be level. When land clearing is undertaken, the ground on the high end of the slope needs to be removed and placed on the lower level. Eventually a level surface is established on which the contractor can begin work. In some cases a construction project requires the land to be graded so that it flows gradually from one level to another, such as in road construction. Creating such grading can often be demanding and can require the use of GPS equipment.

Drainage Problems Can Occur

A significant challenge on sloping land is the possibility of drainage problems occurring after the ground is cleared. Sloping ground means rain or runoff that has always flowed from the higher part of the land to the lower level will continue. The water will tend to remain on the lower part of the slope unless adequate steps are taken to control the drainage. Doing so is a challenge to the excavators when leveling the land on which the project is to be built. Sometimes this task can be particularly demanding and requires great precision. This process remains essential or else the building will be established on land that is continually damp. The land will be subject to damage from water over time. However, land that is leveled for farm use or to allow irrigation will likely want to retain the water or channel it to nearby farm land.

Land Should Be Eco-Friendly

In order to be eco-friendly, the land should be prepared so that it is not subject to erosion or other forces of nature. Rain and water can wash away soil and cause damage over time. This aspect becomes particularly important when preparing land for a park or a similar open land facility. Another aspect of land clearing is that sources of contamination sometimes exist in the soil and need to be removed. In some cases, occupants of previous buildings on the site might have spilled chemicals or oil into the ground. Similarly, the land might have been used as a dumping place for all kinds of refuse. Chemicals or refuse that should have been correctly disposed of in a landfill or other facility.

Utility Lines Must Be Taken into Account

When digging in the DC Metro area it is vital that attention be paid to existing utility lines. Gas and electrical lines that already exist on the property need to be handled properly. In addition, trenches might need to be dug for future utilities, such as sewer, gas, water and cables as well as storm drainage.


Bright Construction Group is a full service concrete foundation contractor. Our poured concrete foundations service ensures that you have a commercial building or house foundation that is solid all the way through, offering increased dependability and durability. The seamless structure of a poured concrete foundation is highly beneficial during construction as it provides a higher level of water resistance and strength; essential factors for building and home foundations. Poured concrete foundations also require less maintenance (such as costly crack repairs) as they are considerably strong. Benefits of having a concrete foundation include:

Strength – walls are engineered for strength to be long-lasting
Value – a poured concrete foundation increases property value
Fast – poured foundations create a faster back fill process. This speeds construction and lowers costs
Versatility – we can pour a concrete foundation for almost any design. We have equipment to meet your foundation building requirements

Bright Construction Group takes pride in building the highest quality residential and commercial concrete foundations in the DC Metro area. Trust your build in the hands of experienced professionals. Ready mix concrete provides home and building owners with very strong foundations and dry basements.

We strive to provide the best experience possible for our clients and ensure that your concrete foundation is the completed to your standards. With our expertise in ready mix concrete, concrete delivery, and concrete pouring we can provide the end-to-end service you need.

Structural Support

Most retaining wall failure is a result of poor water drainage from behind the wall. This can lead to the wall leaning or at times, completely falling over.  Before your wall is damaged beyond repair reach out and give us a call. We will send one of our specialists to assess your project and come up with a solution that fits your budget and supports your walls for years to come.

In some cases the solution will require installing proper drainage . Whether a drain pipe needs to be installed or additional drain boards will be needed, we will assess the situation and give you options that best suits your needs.

The most effective way to repair a leaning wall is to install Helical Piers. Holes are made along the wall and long shaft piers are screwed into the soil through the wall and finally bolted on with a supporting plate.

As the bolt is tightened the plate will push the wall back into position.

There are several types of piers, some that anchor in place and others that can be positioned into place with concrete. Every job is slightly different.

The end result will always be the same. Not only can we help you fix your failing retaining wall but we can make the repair look good. Feel confident in the structure of your home. Call Bright Construction Group and build strength back into your foundation.


Bright Construction Group can design and build beautiful hardscapes such as driveways, patios, pool decks, walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, walkways, and fire pits.

While our most popular building materials are interlocking pavers, concrete and Flagstone, as experienced and certified masons, we also build with stone veneer, brick and mortar, slate, granite, sandstone, limestone, and crushed gravel.

We have built solid relationships with many suppliers in the DC Metro area and could direct you to one of their many showrooms in order for you to see all the options available to transform your dreams to reality.

If you would like to get creative about ideas you may have but don’t want to go over budget, we also offer a design service that could build a three dimensional computer model of your space.  This would enable us to try different designs, materials, and ideas therefore making the decision making process much easier and cost effective.

Call today for more information.

Waterproofing & Drainage

Having a beautiful property is a lot about maintaining it right. Maintenance is never a one-time job and any landscape needs constant and expert attention to keep it healthy and looking new. Just as mowing, pruning, trimming, cleaning and power-washing are an essential part of any landscape maintenance, it is also important to pay attention to irrigation and drainage services.

When Bright Construction Group handles any new outdoor drainage projects, we make sure that all the drainage aspects are planned and installed to perfection. If we find an existing landscape which has water pooling or flooding issues, we know it can cause significant amount of damage to the property, and we can help fix it.

If you find any kind of pooling of water on your property, we are the company to call. We will survey the land and identify the problem. Based on what the problem is and its severity, we will then provide you with a suitable and customized drainage solution. We ensure that the work is carried out with the least amount of disruption to your home, and that the entire task is carried out in a methodical and specialized manner.

We have installed and repaired hundreds of drainage systems in landscapes for homeowners in the DC Metro area since 1992. We provide a range of drainage solutions, of which are described below:

Area Drains – On most properties, drainage system are made up of just a simple drain which is connected a single underground pipe. This is the perfect solution for any kind of low-lying area or if you find constant flooding on your property. The accumulated water will be drained out via this system into the common street-drainage system & will protect your beautiful landscape from damage

Channel Drains – These drains are a great solution to protect your lawn/garden from patio runoff. These are very long and channel-like drains which can be installed either on a sidewalk/ concrete surface. They direct the water away from, these outdoor spaces on your property and are excellent for areas surrounding pools

French Drains – These are effective in draining water from planters or landscaping. This particular drain is wrapped in a landscaping fabric and then covered with rocks. It prevents the roots of trees and plants and the surrounding soil from clogging-up the drains

In addition to the different types of drains detailed here, we may install foundation drains, sump wells, drain boxes and sump pumps. The aim of all this planning and mix-and-match of solutions is to ensure that your property stays free of standing or pooling water and protects your investment for years to come.