Waterproofing & Drainage

Having a beautiful property is a lot about maintaining it right. Maintenance is never a one-time job and any landscape needs constant and expert attention to keep it healthy and looking new. Just as mowing, pruning, trimming, cleaning and power-washing are an essential part of any landscape maintenance, it is also important to pay attention to irrigation and drainage services.

When Bright Construction Group handles any new outdoor drainage projects, we make sure that all the drainage aspects are planned and installed to perfection. If we find an existing landscape which has water pooling or flooding issues, we know it can cause significant amount of damage to the property, and we can help fix it.

If you find any kind of pooling of water on your property, we are the company to call. We will survey the land and identify the problem. Based on what the problem is and its severity, we will then provide you with a suitable and customized drainage solution. We ensure that the work is carried out with the least amount of disruption to your home, and that the entire task is carried out in a methodical and specialized manner.

We have installed and repaired hundreds of drainage systems in landscapes for homeowners in the DC Metro area since 1992. We provide a range of drainage solutions, of which are described below:

Area Drains – On most properties, drainage system are made up of just a simple drain which is connected a single underground pipe. This is the perfect solution for any kind of low-lying area or if you find constant flooding on your property. The accumulated water will be drained out via this system into the common street-drainage system & will protect your beautiful landscape from damage

Channel Drains – These drains are a great solution to protect your lawn/garden from patio runoff. These are very long and channel-like drains which can be installed either on a sidewalk/ concrete surface. They direct the water away from, these outdoor spaces on your property and are excellent for areas surrounding pools

French Drains – These are effective in draining water from planters or landscaping. This particular drain is wrapped in a landscaping fabric and then covered with rocks. It prevents the roots of trees and plants and the surrounding soil from clogging-up the drains

In addition to the different types of drains detailed here, we may install foundation drains, sump wells, drain boxes and sump pumps. The aim of all this planning and mix-and-match of solutions is to ensure that your property stays free of standing or pooling water and protects your investment for years to come.