Bright Construction Group is a full service concrete foundation contractor. Our poured concrete foundations service ensures that you have a commercial building or house foundation that is solid all the way through, offering increased dependability and durability. The seamless structure of a poured concrete foundation is highly beneficial during construction as it provides a higher level of water resistance and strength; essential factors for building and home foundations. Poured concrete foundations also require less maintenance (such as costly crack repairs) as they are considerably strong. Benefits of having a concrete foundation include:

Strength – walls are engineered for strength to be long-lasting
Value – a poured concrete foundation increases property value
Fast – poured foundations create a faster back fill process. This speeds construction and lowers costs
Versatility – we can pour a concrete foundation for almost any design. We have equipment to meet your foundation building requirements

Bright Construction Group takes pride in building the highest quality residential and commercial concrete foundations in the DC Metro area. Trust your build in the hands of experienced professionals. Ready mix concrete provides home and building owners with very strong foundations and dry basements.

We strive to provide the best experience possible for our clients and ensure that your concrete foundation is the completed to your standards. With our expertise in ready mix concrete, concrete delivery, and concrete pouring we can provide the end-to-end service you need.